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Relationships and Communication

Whatever it is you need to get what you want out of your relationships, let Delaware DBT help you find what works. You can learn to build instead of destroy the warmth in your relationships and repair the inevitable hurts that happen.


Trauma comes in many forms. Most of us have had “little ‘t’ traumas,” humiliation, or experiences that have left us scarred and scared. Some of us have had “big ‘T’ traumas,” which are things that change and alter our lives and our sense of safety. There is hope for both. You do not have to continue to suffer or be limited by your anxiety. Exposure through talk therapy and EMDR are two treatments that have been shown to be very effective for healing trauma.

People exhibit symptoms of trauma in many different ways. If you are not feeling like yourself, and you have symptoms that interfere with your work, interactions with others, or ability to complete tasks, you should consider seeing a professional. Some of the symptom include, but are not limited to:

  • Re-living the event

  • Reoccurring and intrusive memories, nightmares,
    flashbacks, hallucinations

  • Reaction and/or avoidance of things that trigger a memory or sensation of the event

  • Persistent avoidance

  • Efforts to avoid anything related to the event

  • Inability to recall important parts of the trauma

  • Loss of interest in usual activities

  • Feeling detached from others, numbness, or a sense of doom

  • Increased arousal (startle easily)

  • Sleep problems

  • Anger

  • Problems concentrating

  • In children, these behaviors may appear in repetitive play, re-enactment of the event, or frightening dreams.


What is EMDR?

Sometimes, when intense events occur, or adequate information is not available, the sensations, thoughts, and emotions accompanying the event become stuck in memory and do not automatically resolve.

The results of this can create unwanted responses such as anxiety, anger, phobias, problems sleeping, and even physical pain. In extreme cases when one’s physical integrity or life is somehow threatened, PTSD can develop.

EMDR or BLS provide a treatment that enhances the brain’s ability to process and resolve these events and the resulting unpleasant symptoms.

It is important to note that with EMDR/BLS, you the client are in control, and it is your brain that does the healing. The therapist’s role is to assist with that process. It generally resolves issues in a much shorter period of time than traditional talk therapy and other traditional types of therapy. EMDR is NOT hypnosis and does NOT involve SUGGESTION. The brain does its own work under the guidance of a trained EMDR professional.



Caregiving is a challenging task regardless if you’re caring for someone with memory loss, a physical disorder, or behavior problems. Anyone in Ohio who gives special care is considered a caregiver.

Caregivers often become isolated and have little to no support. They take on too much responsibility and it quickly becomes overwhelming. Caregivers can even become sicker than the person they care for. Caregivers should take care of their own physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

If you could use some help in balancing your important roles, or just need to talk to someone who understands, call Delaware DBT today to schedule an appointment.